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As a stroke physician one can rely on websites and uptodate and journals but it is wise to ensure you read a stroke book from cover to cover. THis is a list of my preferred stroke books. The field changes rapidly and the past 10 years we have seen thrombolysis and now thrombectomy, learning skills in CTA, perfusion and keeping current with many controversial topics.

Stroke Medicine (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Neurology) Paperback – 24 Nov 2016 by Hugh Markus (Author),‎ Anthony Pereira (Author),‎ Geoffrey Cloud (Author) . This is an Excellent compact book to keep handy for those moments when you want to check those facts against hard evidence. Highly recommended for trainees and specialists. Amazon
Caplan's stroke . Louis Caplan. This is a newer edition and co authored and so has lost some of the style of the orginal book which I preferred but is still highly recommended Caplan Stroke
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